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Your Second Visit

The Road to Real Recovery

What to Expect on Your Second Visit

On your 2nd visit the doctor will explain the results of your examinations and offer choices for appropriate chiropractic care. Here’s what you can expect:

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    Patient Education

    You’ll see a short video so that you can understand your X-rays and the doctor’s report and recommendations. This video explains the different phases of vertebral subluxation that can be visualized on x-ray and what a normal spine should look like from front to back and from the side (straight and having curves from the side)

  • 02

    Report of Findings

    You’ll sit down with the doctor and together you’ll go over the results of the examination and look at the X-rays. The doctor will explain the these so you will have a clear understanding of what the problem is. He will describe the problem, the extent of the damage, and give you a prognosis for how effective chiropractic treatment can be.

  • 03

    Treatment Plan

    The doctor will then outline an individual treatment plan designed for your unique spinal problem and health complaint. This plan may include a variety of things besides chiropractic adjustments. Traction, application of heat or ice packs, and nutritional supplements are just a few of the treatments that may be included.

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    Please ask questions at anytime. We have allocated time in this meeting to answer any questions you might have. We don’t expect you to understand all of the terms we use and we welcome the chance to make sure you fully understand the nature and severity of your condition and what we are doing to help you. It is important that all patients bring with them their spouse or another family member so that healthy ergonomic tips may be maintained at home and so that the process of correcting the spine may be easier with help from other family members.

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    Based on clinical experience, the doctor will explain your prospects for recovery and what you can do to help yourself. Many patients can play an active role in their treatment which significantly speeds up the healing process. If appropriate the doctor may give you some gentle exercises to so at home.

  • 06

    Financial Issues

    So we can direct all of our attention to your recovery, the financial responsibility for your case will be discussed.

  • 07


    The doctor will use carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore the movable bones of your spine to a more normal motion and position. Our patients enjoy their ‘adjustments” and often report the beginning feelings of relief and well-being.

  • 08

    Adjunctive Procedures

    If necessary, the doctor may also recommend the application of ice, heat, or the use of other procedures to help reduce inflammation and make you more comfortable.

  • 09

    The Future

    Your second visit with us is complete. Future visits will be of a more typical length, usually about 10 minutes.

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